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Evolo is the world’s most fully-featured¬† Practice Routines app.¬† Available for any skill or hobby, you can create your routines and templates, track your progress, discover trends and tonnes more

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Evolo currently covers 132 different skills and hobbies. From mastering a musical instrument to personal development or financial literacy, we have got it all. And if we haven’t got it, you can simply add it!

Jamie Harrison

CEO, Jamie Harrison Media

We all know that Practice Makes perfect, but perfect practice makes perfect a whole lot faster! With Evolo, we wanted to empower individuals to refine their skills, achieve their goals, and unlock their full potential, one targeted workout at a time.


Pick up new skills, set goals, and track your journey. With Evolo, progress is just a practice away.

Find your learning style

Complete our Learner Style quiz to figure out what kind of learner you are to optimise your practice

Create your Routines

Create fully structured Routines and Templates with modules, tools, tags, and rest times

Set your goals

Set your sights high, set your goals higher. Make a commitment to achieve a desired practice time

Track your progress

View all your progress over time in charts tables and diagrams

Find a Practice Partner

Stay accountable by adding a practice buddy to your profile to keep you motivated and on track

Get on the Leaderboard

Gamify your practice time and get on our practice leaderboard, or see what you are up against!

Sync your Practice Data

Backup and sync your data across all platforms, Evolo is available on Mobile, Web and Desktop so you can log and track your routines wherever you work best!

Structured Mastery

Transform learning into a habit, and mastery into a lifestyle. With Evolo, embrace structured learning and unlock limitless possibilities.

Discover Your Learning Style!

Take our quick quiz to uncover your unique learning style. Gain insights to tailor your study methods and achieve your goals. Start now!

You don't have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.


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